The Loves of I is Right Here

In my fantasy world I play Hotch and Emily Prentiss' secret love child that the team is starting to figure out exists. While Morgan flirts with Prentiss but Hotch sees and looks at Emily and Emily looks nervous and turns down Morgan. Than Hotch and Emily come home to Hotch's house to find me helping Jack with his homework and Emily kisses Hotch. After filming I hang out with Matthew and Paget and Kirsten on set all day. Acting as if I'm kicking "criminal ass" and surfing ebay with Paget and doing hilarious improv in our free time.
But until that happens I'll be counting the days until my dream comes to while my name is Lisa and I'll be on tumblr posting my Paget Brewster obsessions and all my other loves I won't tell the rest of the world.
Loves of I ...
•Criminal Minds
•Paget Brewster
•Patricia Cornwell
•The Thrilling Adventure Hour